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Coromega is dedicated to helping all Americans achieve healthy omega 3 levels of 7.2 or better by the year 2015. They know that many people don’t get enough omega 3s and are in poor health because of this. Their goal is to build healthier minds, hearts and bodies. Omega 3 blood levels are known to be deficient at 5% and below. Healthy levels of omega 3s need to be somewhere between 6-8 percent. Coromega has developed a pleasant tasting omega 3 fish oil that contains appropriate levels of DHA and EPA that has been clinically demonstrated to have 300 percent better absorption than regular softgels.

There is a bit of a fishy story behind Coromega-Omega3.  Turns out it was first created by a Norwegian scientist for his granddaughter who wouldn’t take her fish oil.  It wasn’t until some ten years later after many trials and errors that this emulsion gained a patent in the United States in the early 1990s.  Then in 1999, Coromega-Omega3 was formed.  Today, Coromega-Omega3 is manufactured in California and is made from premium fish oil that is highly purified.  The manufacturer claims that Coromega-Omega3 remains pure and untainted until you’re ready to use it.

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