Enzymatic Therapy

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Enzymatic Therapy

Manufacturer Claims

Enzymatic Therapy is a pioneer of science-based nutraceutical and botanical development with a pharmaceutical approach to quality. The Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs, Bob Doster writes,

“Whether you look at our selection of raw materials, our product development and lab work, or the moment we ship products out to retailers, Enzymatic Therapy’s extensive quality control measures give consumers confidence they are getting the product they are paying for. Simply put, it’s about trust and results.”

They tout that their Labs and Quality Assurance Department are staffed with individuals that have extensive backgrounds in chemistry, biology, food safety and pharmaceuticals. They monitor and test their raw ingredients from the start to finish. They make use of physical, chemical and microbiological analysis to ensure purity and follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

By 2009, they were the first U.S. supplement company to earn the Drug Good Manufacturing Practice certification from the U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

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