Integrative Therapeutics

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Integrative Therapeutics

Manufacturer Claims

Integrative Therapeutics Inc. has been around for more than thirty years. They tout to be the U.S.’s leading manufacturer and distributor of high end nutritional supplements to healthcare professionals. Their products are used by the medical profession and researchers globally. Their products and ingredients have been studied in more than 2,500 independent clinical studies that have been peer-reviewed and published. They manufacturer their products in a FDA-registered drug facility which means you get the same high quality product and benefits as patients who participated in clinical trials.

Integrative Therapeutics realizes the importance of safeguarding our fish populations.  Their omega 3 fatty acids are isolated from non-endangered cold-water fish from the North Pacific.  Eskimo 3 is isolated from herring which includes anchovies and sardines collected from ocean areas that are not subjected to over-fishing.  Times and days they can fish are limited by federal authorities and their boats are audited.  Their boats are registered and they have GPS for tracking purposes.  This makes sure that the fish populations are properly maintained as a replenishable source.

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