Jarrows Formulas

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Jarrows Formulas

Manufacturer Claims

Jarrow Formulas has been around since 1977 and has products that are sold around the globe.  Their goal is to produce ‘Superior Nutrition and Formulation’.  They make a wide range of products that include standardized herbals, enzymes, amino acids and gastrointestinal supplements.  They assure consumers that their products are pure and potent.  They believe that their products are affordable, high quality, effective and safe.  Their staff actively participates with the running of clinical trials and working with researchers in various universities to keep on the cutting edge of research.  They say they strive to provide high quality service and technical support.

Jarrow Formulas, an international nutritional and health company, won a first place “Vity” award for their brain enhancement product Neuro Optimizer in 2010.  In fact Jarrow Formulas has won the “Vity” award for several of its products seven years in a row.  The “Vity” award is based on a nationwide survey of health food stores conducted by the magazine Vitamin Retailer.

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