L’il Critters

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L’il Critters

Manufacturer Claims

L’il Critters is a brand produced by Northwest Natural Products (NNP).  They are a leader in producing tasty natural gummy-based supplements.  They have over 142 products that cover a full array of supplements for children and adults.  They offer a new delivery system that makes their supplement palatable.  Target discount store has awarded Northwest Natural products with a Partner Award of Excellence Accolade for leadership, performance and service.  The gummy-based products are sold at Target and are a Target brand.  According to NNP, their goal is to provide consumers with delicious, convenient and best natural ingredients in a supplement.  The Smart Gummy Fish (know as the gummy bear) has become very familiar with children and has a universal appeal which explains the longevity of L’il Critters products.  They were successful in formulating a great shape (bear), taste and quality ingredients that has stood the test of time.  They state that “kids love’em” and “parents trust them”.  They have created a new line of supplements called Vitafusion that is the first adult gummy vitamin on the market.

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