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NaturalCare was established in 1993 and they are known for their high quality homeopathic and dietary supplements. They believe in self-care is the future of healthcare. With their background in alternative medicine and making use of historical approaches, they have produced some best sellers such as RingStop, SinuFix, NerveFix, AirDefense Nasal Mist, Vein-Gard and Reflux-Away. They are dedicated to new product development with the most up to date scientific/medical research available to assist consumers in living healthier lives. They tout that they manufacture products that they use personally and give to their friends and families. They conform to the U.S. Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia and their products are supported by clinical and scientific information. They are dedicated to enlightening and educating their consumers about important aspects of overall healthcare and well being. They believe that “Nature holds the key in solving many of life’s health issues”.

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