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Nature’s Way

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Nature’s Way has been America’s leading producer of herbal supplements for over 40 years. They believe in the power and healing of nature as can be gleaned from their name. Tom Murdock, the founder of Nature’s Way, had a medical family crisis in that his wife had become very ill. Conventional medical approaches were not working so they resorted to traditional Native American botanicals that they had available in the Arizona Desert. His wife recuperated and went on to live many more years. Based on this experience Tom Murdock went out seeking more herbal remedies to share with everyone and thus established Nature’s Way. Tom Murdock was able to rekindle the lost art of herbal healing in the U.S. Nature’s Way was the first major company to be certified as an organic food processor. They were the first to bring clinically proven, European herbal remedies to the U.S. that had long been recognized overseas to be effective but were new in this country.

Nature’s Way believes in giving back to all communities. They protect the world’s rainforests where they believe the next herbal medicines will be found. They support research for breast cancer and other diseases and support self-reliance programs for the homeless.

Nature’s Way offers more than 500 natural products that include minerals, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, herbal extracts and single herbs.

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