Quantum Nutrition Labs

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Quantum Nutrition Labs

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Quantum Nutrition Labs believes that there are five steps to maintaining health in the body and brain. They know that it is important to maintain proper pH balance in the body, keep the body free of toxins, maintain proper hormonal balance, eliminate any chronic infections that might be present and rejuvenate all body systems in terms of cellular components and DNA. The company touts that their products have been thoroughly tested to be nontoxic and of the highest quality. They use the Ayurvedic grading system for herbal quality which rates from 1 to 10 of which they believe they are the only Grade 10 importer in the the U.S. They also state that their products are clinically proven to overcome illness and improve health. All Quantum capsules are 100% pure vegetable instead of tablets which contain glues, fillers and binders. There capsules are free of any toxic preservatives and are twice as well absorbed as gelatin capsules.

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