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SmartyPants was started by a young couple looking for a solution to healthy supplements their children could take. Disappointed by some of the toxic ingredients and expense of supplements on the market, they began putting together their own combinations. They looked for the best mineral and non-toxic fish oil derived from eco-friendly and sustainably harvested small fish and combined this into one delicious gummy vitamin. SmartyPants is now on a mission to help 1 million kids get the nutrients they need in the next five years. For every bottle you buy, they will make a 1 for 1 match nutrient grant so kids and expecting mothers both in the U.S. and abroad will be able to get the nutrients they need to get a start in life they deserve. This program is through partnership with Vitamin Angels program. SmartyPants gummies have become such a big hit with the kids that their parents want a gummy vitamin as well hence SmartyPants for GrownUps was launched. Their omega 3 fish oils come from sustainable small fish sources and that means no tuna or salmon is used to prevent heavy metal contamination and other toxins.

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