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Tishcon Corp. was established in 1976 in the U.S. as a contract manufacturer of bulk products for mail order marketers and wholesalers. They later expanded to provide a full line of services that includes packaging, labeling and new product development. They are one of few manufacturers that produce everything in house. The CEO, Raj Chopra has a strong background in industrial pharmacy as he taught in that area at Columbia University. They produce Bio-Solv which is a highly soluble softsule that is patented, Rapid Solv tablets and caplets, Snipcaps, Snipgels and Snipsules for topical skin treatments (Dermagen) and bath oil softgels. Importantly, they feature, solvent-free, no-heat, cold compression technology providing for the best and freshest quality of product. They have in-house testing for physical, chemical and microbiological analysis. Tishcon is recognized for their Chewable Multivitamin formulations, Time Release formulations and Bioenhanced supplements.

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