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Vermont Organics

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Vermont Organics has been in the baby formula business for more than twenty years. Their organic soil formula is actually made in Vermont following FDA rules and quality-assurance regulations set by international standards. Their business follows environmental guidelines for sustainability by promoting holistic farming through biodiversity, crop rotation, and live stock grazing to maintain healthy soils. They also preserve waterways to prevent erosion and pesticide runoff. They believe themselves to be stewards of world and are committed to taking care of it. Their factory has an environmentally friendly waste water treatment system. Bacterial waste generated from water treatment is dried and used as organic fertilizer as well. Vermont Organics also recycles materials such as cardboard, metal cans, glass, paper, used motor oil, waste vegetable oils, fluorescent bulbs, machinery parts, washing solvents, and mercury wastes to mention a few. Vermont Organics is all about the best organic foods and environment health to ensure a future for more organic foods.

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