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Alpha GPC

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Alpha GPC (L-alpha-glycerylphospherylcholine) is a vegetarian formulation that supports cognitive function. Alpha GPC is a precursor to acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter that is involved with short-term memory. This form of choline is able to pass the blood-brain-barrier making it more bio-available then other forms of choline. Alpha GPC is also a component of the neuronal membrane and important for maintaining the fluidity and electrical conductances as well as transmitter release so important for sending signals from one cell to another.


  • aid memory
  • increase concentration & focus
  • support brain function and health


1) Proprietary Blend none
2) Active Ingredients L-alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine 600 mg
3) Additives none

User Opinions

Consumers rate Alpha GPC with high marks running from 4 to 5 stars.

A consumer from California wrote, “ Cleared my brain fog. For years I’ve been plagued with mental fuzziness for an hour or three in the morning. Coffee, sessions at the gym, and deep breathing didn’t do a thing — my brain/mind stayed fuzzy. then a friend recommended Alpha GPC. In two days the fog lifted and has stayed lifted for the several months I’ve been taking it. If your mental airport is fogged in, try Alpha GPC.” 5 stars

Another consumer from California wrote, “The most bio-available form of choline. CDP-choline comes in at a close second, but the price on Amazon justifies dishing out a little more for this form of choline. I’ve heard that the effects of Alpha-GPC can be best felt when “recovering” from any activity or event that puts stress on the body and can significantly alter your mental capabilities (Alzheimer’s, stroke, etc.). I can attest to this fact as I’ve noticed great results after sleepless nights working on projects and such. It has boosted the cognitive enhancing effects of caffeine for me in many cases, in the way of making my mind clearer on the task at hand. I’d say about 1/4 times, I won’t notice any effects from it, but that other 3/4 of the time makes this product worth it for me in the end. As of this writing, I could not find a less expensive form of this product, so both the price and the effects prompted me to order 4 of them. I hope you derive the same-or better-type of benefits from the product, should you choose to purchase it. Highly recommended.

Update 01/21/12: After using this product for months at a time, I felt it was far superior to the CDP-choline (which has fallen farther behind than the “close second” I described it as being previously). I wasn’t absolutely sure if what I was feeling was “true” as the placebo effect for many supplements can play a far bigger role than the supplement itself. Which is exactly what the placebo effect is, and my biggest fear when deciding on supplements to take. No one wants to dish out hard-earned money for self-delusional mind-tricks, even if they do “help” in the end. However, even after initial skepticism (which I always have in order to catch myself playing mind-tricks on myself), this product has performed consistently well and as I was searching for the entry on nootropics on wikipedia, I read this: “Alpha-GPC–thought to be the only cholinergic that delivers choline to the brain across the Blood-brain barrier; sold under its chemical name”. I have absolutely found this to be the case, as all my other supplements I have taken that float around the nootropic forum discussion haven’t had nearly the effect on my learning as these have. And I read this after I had already decided this was the real deal. In other words, I have now become a disciple for the product. I should mention, however, that this product has proven useless by itself (at least for me). When it’s combined with a CNS stimulant, such as caffeine or whatever else you’re privy to, the effects stand out big time. So, taking it in conjunction with something else will reap the biggest reward for you. Just an opinion based on my observation and many others how frequent forums on nootropics. If you’re interested in a particular stack that is popular for its cognitive-enhancing effects, check out my review on 5-hour energy. Note: it is NOT in defense of the product and actually details how to make the “cocktail” of supplements out of 4 products bought cheaply on amazon. I’m a big believer in that particular stack, as well as this particular product. I use them together which is why I mentioned it here. I hope you’ve had the same success I’ve had with these products. Best of luck!” 5 stars

A consumer from New York wrote, “Alpha GPC Excellent !!. As a Holistic Health Practitioners with clients having issues with their immune system, pain and nervous systems, this works wonders! No side-effects and product is pleasant tasting (for those who removed product from the veg-capsule). This product is mandatory for artists and creative people and those using lots of mental energy !!! Sista Shai

5 stars


For Adults: Take 2 Vcaps a day with food. Best if taken in the morning.


None listed.

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