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Nature’s Way Boron supplement is 100% natural boron. The element boron has been chelated with amino acids for proper absorption. There are amino acid receptors in the upper small intestine where all your amino acids are absorbed. By attaching boron to an amino acid allows for up to 98% absorption of that mineral in the small intestine allowing for a very high absorption rate. This is a great delivery system. Boron is important for maintaining bone mass and it also prevents the loss of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus through your urine. Boron also promotes healthy blood levels of estradiol which is a precursor molecule to the hormone estrogen.


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User Opinions

Nature’s Way products are well accepted by consumers. They have a good product for a reasonable price. Two thumbs up for Boron supplement. 5 stars all the way around.

Consumers say that Nature’s Way has always been one of the best producers of vitamins and supplements out there. They liked Boron and its price. This could of also been a fake user review however as it was very general. I dont know of anyone who compliments a manufacturer either… it’s a little weird.


Take 1 Boron capsule a day. Best if taken with food.



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