Brain 4 Way Support

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Brain 4 Way Support

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Brain-4 Way Support is made by Pure Essence.  This product contains NAD and NADH which are important for making the energy molecule ATP which runs most of your metabolic processes.  Brain Support contains a wide range of botanicals, Vitamins B3 and C as well as phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine.   This product supports brain function while cleansing and nourishing your heart and kidneys.  Phosphatidylcholine and Phosphatidylserine are important phospholipids that support neuronal membranes for electrical conductance and membrane fluidity.  This product is hypoallergenic and contains no animal products.


  • reduce cellular damage
  • support brain function and health


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User Opinions

Consumers rated Brain-4 Way Support anywhere from 1 to 5 stars.  There were only a few at the 1 star rating but they thought the product didn’t work.  Most other consumers were between 3 and 5 stars and felt this was a good product.


Brain-4 Way Support should be taken after breakfast.  Take 1 tablet.  You can take another tablet after lunch if needed.  You can also take 2 tablets after breakfast if 1 tablet is not sufficient.


Brain-4 Way Support contains Ginkgo Biloba.  Ginkgo is a blood thinner and allows for better brain circulation.  If you are taking Coumadin or Warfarin, you need to talk with your doctor before you take it.

Brain-4 Way Support is 100% hypoallergenic containing no wheat, gluten, corn, soy, dairy, yeast.  Also contains no animal products, GMO’s, artificial colors or flavorings.

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