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Brain Protex

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Brain Protex was formulated for overall health and longevity.  This supplement includes ingredients that increase memory function, alertness and protect against free radicals.  This supplement contains Huperzine A which acts as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor that allows the neurotransmitter acetylcholine to remain around longer increasing neurotransmission boosting short-term memory.  Antioxidants include Alpha Lipoic Acid and lycopene which neutralizes free radicals.  Ginkgo biloba increases blood circulation throughout your system.  Soybean lecithin which contains all the brain phospholipids supports healthy neuronal membranes and proper electrical conduction.

Nature’s Sunshine guarantees that Brain Protex is pure and that they have a unique blend no other supplement has. They state that this product will improve brain function in terms of memory and alertness. They indicate that this brain supplement improves and protects nerves and that it has high bioavailability.  Brain Protex also contains antioxidants that are able to pass the blood-brain-barrier and that get rid of free radicals.


  • support brain function and health


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User Opinions

Consumers rate Brain Protex from 4 to 5 stars.  Some have used this product on their parents/grandparents and report success within a months time.  Some consumers have been using this product for over 10 years and have found they can’t live without it.  Individuals who live busy lives that are younger and have children take this product and say that it definitely boosts their memory and allows for great focus.  A number of college students take Brain Protex and say they couldn’t study without it.


Take 2 capsules of Brain Protex two times everyday with some food.  Drink of full glass of water with these capsules.


Brain Protex contains Ginkgo biloba which acts as a blood thinner.  If you are taking blood thinners such as Coumadin or Warfarin, you should talk to your doctor before taking this supplement.

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