Busy Brain Release Coenzymate B

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Busy Brain Release Coenzymate B

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Coenzymate B is made by Rainbow Light.  This is a fast  acting supplement that may bring you back to a calm state, mental clarity and relaxation.  Coenzymate B is loaded with vitamin Bs and a proprietary blend of 4 herbs.  The vitamin Bs provide support for your nervous system and botanicals help to relieve stress providing for mental clarity and stamina.


  • aid clarity of thought or clear thinking
  • relieve depression


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User Opinions

Consumers run the gamut on this one from 1 to 5 stars.  Many report that they can relax and have a sense of calmness during the day and are able to sleep better at night.  Some report that they enjoy the smell of the product indicating they like the smell of lavender.  Consumers like the fact that the tablets are small and easy to swallow.  Apparently, this product takes effect in about 20 to 30 minutes.


Take 1 mini-tab a day or as needed.  This product may make you drowsy.  Make sure you know how you react to this supplement before you drive or operate machinery.


This product is Vegan Guard screened to make sure it is free of animal products.

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