Children’s DHA Strawberry Liquid

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Children’s DHA Strawberry Liquid

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Children’s DHA Strawberry liquid is one of Nordic Naturals award winning flavored cod liver oil supplements that kids love. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is an essential omega 3 fatty acid that is important for eye and brain development starting with the fetus and continuing into newborn and child development. DHA is a component of neural membranes that maintains fluidity and elasticity of the plasma membrane and channels and receptors within the membrane. This omega fatty acid contributes to proper ion channel functioning and transmitter release and reuptake of recycled transmitter. Therefore, DHA supports memory and learning. Nordic Naturals cod liver oil comes from deep dwelling cold water cod that is rich in DHAs and naturally occurring vitamins A and D. DHAs are also important for eye development as well as vitamin A. Vitamin D is important for bone and hormone production. The cod liver oil in Children’s DHA strawberry liquid has been molecularly distilled for purity.


  • support brain function and health


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User Opinions

As usual Nordic Naturals products are highly rated by consumers. This Children’s DHA strawberry liquid supplement have mostly 5-star recommendation.

One consumer who has a child with gluten allergy and acid reflux was recommended by her chiropractor to take Nordic Naturals fish oil (and some flora) to help his digestive system. Within 1 month of starting this fish oil, their son went well and overcame the gluten allergy after a few more months.

Some consumers give DHA to children with ADD/ADHD and the kids become less impulsive, more attentive, and get more work done at school. The allergies also disappear. The DHA works much, much better than the allergy medicine, with no bad side effects (a health bonus, in fact). The strawberry taste makes it undetectable for kids.


For Children: Shake before serving. Take ½ teaspoon per day or as directed by your healthcare provider.


Refrigerate after opening. Consult with your physician about consumption method for children 8 months and under.

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