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Clarocet by Medicor Labs is one of a number of supplements that is biologically based to help consumers cope with everyday stress. If you have mild anxiety, depression, panic attacks, poor memory, insomnia and/or fatigue, Clarocet is for you. This supplement is touted to work in as little as 15 to 30 minutes and is reported to work for up to 8 hours. This supplement contains essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and botanicals that are clinical strength that allow for relaxation without drowsiness. There are 5 different products under the Clarocet name that deal with different issues and they can all be taken together. Clarocet NRI (natural reuptake inhibitor) helps to promote a sense of well being by inhibiting the selective serotonin reuptake mechanism that allows serotonin to remain in the synaptic cleft longer. This also promotes calmness, combats fatigue, boosts the immune system and reduces panic attacks. Clarocet ERT (extended release tablet) provides for a better sense of control, well being and mental performance. Clarocet CS (cognitive support) is for focus, concentration, short-term memory and cognition. Clarocet PM is for peaceful sleep.


  • promote a sense of well being
  • reduce stress and anxiety


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User Opinions

Consumers rated Clarocet with an average around 4 stars. It’s important to make sure you are properly diagnosed and under the care of a doctor when taking the supplement. The ingredients in Clarocet have been demonstrated to have some effect on depression, anxiety and cognition.


Limit your intake of ClarocetNRI to just 1 capsule taken once daily during the first 7 days of use. To ensure maximum absorption, take Clarocet NRI along with an 8 to 10oz glass of water. Gradually increasing your daily intake will allow you to determine your individual response to ClarocetNRI slowly. If, after the first week, you feel it is necessary to take more than a single capsule of Clarocet NRI per day, it is suggested that you increase your daily consumption to 2 capsules. Your intake should not exceed 4 capsules of ClarocetNRI within a 24-hour period. Establishing a usage schedule that helps make it easy to remember when you should take Clarocet NRI is always better than not taking it on a regular basis. If you prefer a specific time of day that is convenient for you (e.g., taking ClarocetNRI with breakfast or at lunch time) then it is recommended that you practice this usage schedule.


Side effects are rare when Clarocet NRI is used as directed, and current usage statistics indicate that less than one-half percent (0.5%) of users may experience adverse reactions documented as mild to moderate in clinical study. These include dry mouth, headache, upset stomach, sensitivity to UV light sources, or allergic reaction to the plant-based ingredients in the product. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, or individuals who are currently taking a prescription medication should consult with their primary healthcare professional before adding a Clarocet product to their wellness plan.

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