DHA Daily Prenatal

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DHA Daily Prenatal

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Brain Strong DHA Daily Prenatal supplement is a dual product.  The box includes 30 DHA softgels and 30 multivitamin tablets that provides for a 1 month supply.  Both supplements are taken at the same time.  This product is for pregnant women and can be used postnatally as well.  The DHA softgels provide support for baby’s brain and eye development as well as a healthy pregnancy.  The multivitamin supplies 100% of the daily recommended dose of folic acid.  Folic acid has been known to prevent brain and spinal cord birth defects.  This supplement contains the highest level of DHA and folic acid available without a prescription.  The omega 3 DHA in this product comes from an all natural non fish source so there is no need to worry about ocean toxins or contaminants.


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User Opinions

Monica Bearden, R.D. Author of “The Baby Fat Diet” and owner of NutCom, LLC writes that BrainStrong Prenatal is a great multivitamin option for pregnant women and new moms. She says it provides a sustainable, plant-based source of DHA and the vitamins and minerals important for a healthy pregnancy, growing baby, and new mom. She recommends BrainStrong Prenatal to her patients.

Consumers who regularly take this product agree that it is easy on stomach, easy to swallow, effective, simple to take and has the highest amount of DHA. While on the other hand, an individual complained that the packaging information is misleading as the box seemed to contain 60 ea and that the serving size was 1 tablet but there are actually only 30 multivitamin tablets per box. The other 30 are the DHA soft gels, therefore, the serving size is really 2 pills, just enough for one month supply.


Take 1 Prenatal multivitamin tablet and 1 DHA softgel daily.  Consult with your healthcare provider before you take this supplement.


The Prenatal Multivitamin tablets contain iron.  An overdose of iron containing products can cause fatal poisoning in children under the age of 6.  In case of accidental overdose contact your healthcare provider immediately or the poison control center.  This product should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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