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Eyesight Rx

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EyeSight-Rx is a vision health formula developed by Dr. Ray Sahelian M.D. who is a top expert on nutritional supplements. This supplement combines nutraceuticals and botanicals to support optimal eye health. Eyesight-Rx may improve color perception, vision clarity, day and night vision, and distance vision. The ingredients support the retina, lens and other eye tissues. Powerful antioxidants have been added for added benefit. The manufacturer suggests that you take 2 to 4 fish oil pills to enhance the benefits of this supplement. EyeSight-Rx comes in a convenient sublingual tablet that melts under the tongue so that the nutrients are absorbed immediately into the bloodstream. The unmelted remains of the tablet can then be swallowed. The effects of this supplement accumulate over time so as time goes on you can use a smaller dose. They offer a free sample so you can see how it works before you buy it.


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User Opinions

An MD who has interest in alternative meds chose to try this and it resulted to consistent effect of richer/brighter colors and more enjoyment of colors. His nearsightedness for one eye became 60% better and the other eye is now normal in nearsightedness.

Seems to have worked on another consumer in just one day. One pill is like a lozenge that tastes like spinach with mild spices. After that he had some sensitivity to light and to his computer screen. The day after he did an eye exercise by looking at something really close and then looking at something really far away and so on for every 10 minutes. That evening he could read the channels at the bottom of the TV screen again.


Take 1 tablet in the morning when you wake up. Bite and crush the tablet with your front teeth and melt the pieces under the tongue and keep them there for a few minutes and then swallow. Each person has a different requirement so your frequency of use may vary. As time goes on you may have to adjust your dose according to your individual results. This supplement is suitable for vegetarians.


If you find that your vision has improved in the first few days and then becomes a little fuzzy there after, your dose may be too high or you need to take a few days off. Taking a day or two off or reducing your dose once your vision improves will help the formula work better.

The most common side effect is shallow sleep if more than a full tablet is used on consecutive days. Afternoon or evening use may cause shallow sleep. Do not use this product that same day as Passion Rx, SAM-e, Ginseng, Tyrosine, Energy pills or other supplements that cause alertness. This may cause shallow sleep as well.

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