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Focusyl Licaps


Focusyl Licaps is manufactured by Psynex Pharmaceuticals with a patented technology that provides for greater bio-availability and faster absorption than other comparable products.  This product increases your focus and mental performance by increasing neurotransmitter levels and blood flow.  Focusyl Licaps is for individuals that have to stay focused that have difficulty in doing so.  These individuals often have fatigue, stress, headaches, mood swings, boredom and aggressive behaviors.  Focusyl Licaps increases the person’s ability to concentrate and focus such that their memory improves in terms of retention and recall.  If you have a problem with your mind wandering, easily distracted  or have trouble completing tasks, this is the product for you.  Focusyl Licaps can help to keep you on track anywhere from 6 to 10 hours straight.  This is good for individuals that have to multitask or students that are studying as well.


  • increase concentration & focus


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User Opinions

There are a number of consumer reviews for Focusyl and they range from 1 to 5 stars for various reasons.  Most report that it definitely keeps you alert and in focus.  Even though this product contains caffeine, no one seems report any jittery behavior.  A few individuals have reported that it caused their urine to smell different as well as their burps otherwise the product works.


Take 1 to 2 Focusyl Licaps every 6 to 10 hours as needed.  Do not take more than 4 Licaps in a 24 hour period.  It is best to take with food.  Focusyl is meant for individuals 16 years old and up.


Focusyl is meant for individuals 16 years and older.  Do not give this to children. Do not take this if you are pregnant or nursing.

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