Go Fish Brainy Kidz Omega 3 DHA Soft Chews

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Go Fish Brainy Kidz Omega 3 DHA Soft Chews

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Go Fish Brain Kidz Omega 3 DHA soft chews are just what the doctor ordered. These fruit based soft gels not only taste great unlike so many other fish oil products but also contains a high quality fish DHA source that is important for brain and eye development. The omega 3 fatty acid DHA supports memory, learning, focus, healthy behaviors and cognitive brain function. DHA fatty acids are integral components of neuronal cell membranes and important for membrane fluidity, ion conductance and transmitter release and reuptake. Without the proper amount of DHA, your brain slows down and doesn’t work properly. During this critical time in your child’s life, many neuronal connections are being made that require DHA to lay them down. Your child is making new membranes and needs DHA to build them with. This soft chew was developed by Dr. Sears who is a pediatrician and concerned with the fact that most children don’t get enough DHA in their diet therefore should be supplemented. He has created a great supplement that is great tasting too.


  • support brain function and health


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User Opinions

Dr. Sears Go Fish Brainy Kidz soft chews come highly recommended running around 5 stars consistently.
Consumers recommend giving this product to toddlers every morning. This product is very soft and chewy. Some consumers say this product tastes fishy but nonetheless kids eat them. While other consumers say that there’s no fishy smell nor taste at all.


For Children 2 years and up: Take 1 to 2 natural soft chews a day preferably with a meal.


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