Life Shield Mind Force

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Life Shield Mind Force

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New Chapter combines potent tonic mushrooms that include Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Poria and Chaga species to make Life Shield Mind Force supplement that promotes overall brain function. This supplement contains mycelium fruiting bodies, spores and extracellular components so that it contains all the necessary nutrients for you to enjoy. This includes a minimum of 15% beta-glucans important for immune health.

Beta-glucans is a polysaccharide that has been well studied for over sixty years. It is well known for being an immune system modulator. It functions to stimulate and down regulate certain immune responses. This molecule activates macrophages (phagocytic white blood cells) as a first line of defense to remove bacteria from your system and other foreign entities. Beta-glucans can down regulate inflammatory responses that have become excessive for example in autoimmunity, Lyme disease and cancer. Studies have also demonstrated that beta-glucans can also fight Candida infections due to its direct antifungal action.


  • support brain function and health


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User Opinions

This stuff acts like a good strong cup of coffee without any major side effects. If you need to wake up, be alert and concentrate on something for the entire day then this is a good supplement to try. It has worked very well for some consumers for this purpose. According to one consumer, after several days of use he now requires less sleep to feel fully rested.

Consumers find Mind Force to be very effective in memory retention, as well as producing a focused and clear state of mind. They would definitely recommend it to someone who is looking to improve their focus, concentration, memory and overall brain health and vitality. This product is also very good for athletic recovery and maximizing workouts, probably because it has Cordyceps and Reishi as part of the ingredients. However, a consumer who prefers the discontinued New Chapter Mental Clarity says that he is not satisfied with this new product.


For Adults: Take 2 Life Shield Vcaps per day. Can be taken any time, even on an empty stomach.


If your are pregnant or nursing, consult with your healthcare provider before you take this supplement. New Chapter asks that we help to protect our environment by recycling this bottle and box after use.

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