Mother’s DHA

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Mother’s DHA

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Mother’s DHA manufactured by Carlson Labs is a good source of vitamin E, DHA and EPA for the nursing mother. Vitamin E is powerful antioxidant important for free radical elimination to keep developing cells healthy not only for mother but newborn as well. DHA and EPA are omega 3 fatty acids so important for baby’s eye and brain development. This supplement can be used before, during and after pregnancy. Mother’s DHA is taken as a softgel postnatally to produce a high-quality milk to support your infant. DHA and EPA are also important for cardiovascular health by maintaining a healthy heartbeat, blood vessel elasticity and maintain healthy triglyceride levels. DHA and EPA also support the nervous system by maintaining the fluidity of neuronal cell membranes which supports transmission processes of ions and neurotransmitters. These omegas also provide for brain longevity. DHA and EPA also support healthy immune and joint function.

Mother’s DHA is tested for freshness, potency and purity by independent labs. It is tested for over 32 different contaminants including mercury, cadmium, lead and PCB’s and guaranteed to be of the highest purity and quality.

Manufacturer Claims

Carlson Labs was established in 1965 and is a family owned and run business. They tout that they provide high quality nutraceutical supplements. Carlson Labs started out by producing one Vitamin E formula and have become a top company in supplying a complete line of natural Vitamin E supplements in the world. The company has grown tremendously to supply full lines of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and special formulations. Today, they have over 250 different products available. Their Norwegian fish oils are award winning. They pride themselves in high standards of excellence.


  • support brain function and health
  • support eye health


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Children and Lactating Mothers: Chew or swallow 2 softgels a day at mealtime.


If you are taking Coumadin, Warfarin, aspirin or other blood thinners, consult with your healthcare provider before you take this product.

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