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Petadolex by Enzymatic Therapy is formulated for individuals who have migraine headaches. Petadolex brain support supplement works by promoting proper blood vessel tone and normal blood flow in the brain. Clinical studies that were conducted by neurologists demonstrated that Petadolex reduced the occurrence of migraines by as much as 62% following 2 months of continuous use. This supplement contains a pure Butterbur extract where the toxins associated with this botanical have been removed thereby rending it safe to use. Petadolex is reported to be the only safe form of Butterbur and has been patented. It is recommended by Neurologists for relieving the symptoms associated with migraines. This product can be used for the whole family children included. Clinical testing indicates that Petadolex is well tolerated and produces no significant adverse side effects.


  • reduce cellular damage
  • relieve migraines and headaches
  • support blood flow in the brain


1) Proprietary Blend thermogenic herbals
2) Active Ingredients Purple Butterbur 50 mg
3) Additives Vegetable glycerin
Medium chain triglycerides
Riboflavin color

User Opinions

A board-certified neurologist recommended Petadolex brand Butterbur for a consumer’s migraines. She has a bad reaction to sulfa drugs and other expensive drugs are not covered by our insurance. Butterbur is regulated in other countries but not the U.S. The most important thing about Butterbur is that in its natural state, it contains pyrolizidine alkaloids (PA’s), which can cause liver cancer. Unlike some “natural” varieties of Butterbur, PA’s have been removed from Petadolex. Although it can be used at the onset of migraines, it is primarily used to prevent them and is not fully effective until used for up to two months. The consumer now complains of a “grassy” taste from belching after taking Butterbur but there are gradual and subtle signs of improvement. A consumer from North Caroline who has multiple food allergies and sensitivities also experienced side effects. Her stomach started cramping and then she kept burping.

Consumers suggest taking 2 pills a day to make the severity of migraine manageable. This product is offered in a larger count bottle to help make it more affordable.


Suggested Dose:: Take 1 softgel 3 times a day for the first four weeks. Thereafter, take 1 softgel 2 times a day. If in doubt, consult with your healthcare provider for more information.


Do not use this supplement if your are pregnant or nursing. If you are taking prescription medications, consult with your healthcare provider before you take this product.

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