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Phosphatidylserine contains the essential brain ingredient phosphatidylserine along with other phospholipids and associated cofactors.  Phospholipids are important membrane components of neurons that enhance cell-to-cell communication.  This maintains proper membrane fluidity and electrical conductance to support healthy memory function.  This product comes in a liquid softgel that maintains the stability of these components.


  • aid clarity of thought or clear thinking
  • aid memory
  • support nervous system health


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User Opinions

A consumer who wasn’t sure about this product because he wasn’t familiar with the brand name said it worked for him. He noticed a drastic difference in mental clarity within days and will definitely recommend this product.

The neurologist recommended this supplement to a consumer to take it 2 to 3 times a day to counteract short-term memory loss. These supplements have cleared up some of his 63 year old foggy thinking. His regular bridge partners commented on how much sharper his playing is.

Despite the claim, these softgels contain gelatin (made from hooves and bones) and are NOT suitable for vegetarians.


Take 1 softgel three times daily with food.


This product contains soy.  If you are sensitive or allergic to soy you should not take this product.  If in doubt consult with your healthcare provider.

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