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Prenatalgyn is a high end prenatal supplement that contains 22 minerals and vitamins as well as botanicals that are known to soothe the digestive tract and help the expecting mother with nausea, indigestion,and constipation. This supplement comes in V-cap form that has high absorption and bioavailability and is easy to digest. Prenatalgyn contains DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) an essential fatty acid important for fetal brain and eye development. It also contains a high concentration of Folic acid (800mcg) which is important to prevent neural tube defects and promote a healthy birth weight and normal delivery time. Unlike most other prenatal supplements, it contains choline and inositol that promote normal spinal cord and brain development. This supplement has high levels of calcium important for bone and teeth development and high levels of iron to prevent anemia. Prenatalgyn also contains ginger root to ease stomach distress and morning sickness. This supplement also contains probiotics that help to maintain a healthy digestive tract of the expecting mother but also promotes a healthy immune system in the fetus. Prenatalgyn is one of 3 prenatal supplements produced by Health Science Nutrition. The other two are Trimedisyn and Pro ViQ. All of these are the top prenatal supplements you can buy. Trimedisyn is rated the best, Prenatalgyn is second and Pro ViQ is third. As you can imagine, they are expensive however, Prenatalgyn is reasonable if you buy 6 bottles at a time. Unlike Trimedisyn and Pro ViQ, Prenatalgyn doesn’t contain Co Q10.


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User Opinions

This is a high-end pharmaceutical grade prenatal that contains all of the components recommended by doctors in the appropriate doses.

One consumer agrees that this is the Best Prenatals she has ever taken. She was initially taking a multivitamin from a wholesale warehouse-type store that is substantially cheaper than Prenatalgyn, but the quality was very poor she had quit taking them, as it affected her milk, and her daughter would not nurse.
Compared to Trimedisyn, Prenatalgyn was cheaper. This product is of high quality – your body actually uses and absorbs the vitamins, instead of just passing them through the body. Definitely a better prenatal vitamin for consumers though expensive.


For Adults: Take 2 Vcaps 3 times a day.


This supplement contains iron. Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under the age of 6. Keep this product out of the reach of children. If you suspect an accidental overdose, call your healthcare provider or the poison control center immediately.

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