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Prevagen is manufactured by Quincy Bioscience.  Prevagen helps to protect the brain as you age with a photoprotein that has been isolated from jellyfish.  This may be the only dietary supplement that contains a protein from jelly fish.  Jelly fish are not harmed as they now have a way to make this protein in their labs.  This supplement is patented and helps to improve your memory by supplying you with a protein that binds calcium that you need to protect your neurons.  Calcium is important for all cells in the body particularly teeth and bones but the brain needs this mineral as well.  This supplement will keep your neurons healthier allowing for increased longevity while allowing you to focus on what you’re doing improving your short term memory.


  • aid memory


1) Proprietary Blend calcium-binding protein
2) Active Ingredients Apoaequorin 20 mg
3) Additives Magnesium stearate
TRIS buffer
Acetic acid
Sodium chloride
White rice flour

User Opinions

Consumers rate Prevagen anywhere from 1 to 5 stars.  Some say this product has no effect while others swear by it.  A few felt this product was pricey compared to other similar products.


Take 1 capsule of Prevagen in the morning everyday with or without food.  If in doubt contact your healthcare provider for further information.


Prevagen contains no artificial colors, preservatives or flavorings, sugar, corn, dairy or yeast.

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