Similac Advance Early Shield with DHA/ARA

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Similac Advance Early Shield with DHA/ARA

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Similac Advance Early Shield is a powder formulation that contains DHA and ARA from Cohnii and Alpina sources to provide omega 3 fatty acids that are so necessary for your infant’s eye and brain development. Within the first year, your infant’s brain will grow by 75 percent developing neuronal connections for life. This formulation also contains lutein important for eye development and nucleotides to build and repair cells as well as to build a strong immune system. Similac Advance Early shield also contains prebiotics which are a special form of carbohydrates normally found in breast milk that promote healthy growth of digestive tract bacteria to maintain overall health. Carotenoids have also been added to prevent and repair damage from free radical action during normal metabolism. Given that bone mass increases at an incredible rate during the first year, calcium has been added. Importantly, this baby formula does not contain palm olein oil like many other infant formulas. It has been demonstrated that palm olein oil binds to calcium decreasing calcium absorption. Similac Advanced Early Shield provides maximum calcium absorption so important for building bone mass during the first year.


  • aid the immune system
  • support bones and joints


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User Opinions

Consumers rate Similac Early Shield highly all around 5 stars. All of the reviews were short but the take home message is that is mixes easily and keeps well.


This container will make 28 bottles.

For a 2 fluid oz. bottle mix 2 fluid oz. water with 1 unpacked level scoop (8.7gm)

For a 4 fluid oz. bottle mix 4 fluid oz. water with 2 unpacked level scoops

For a 6 fluid oz. bottle mix 6 fluid oz. water with 3 unpacked level scoops

For an 8 fluid oz. bottle mix 8 fluid oz. water with 4 unpacked level scoops


You should use the contents of this container in one month or by the date on the bottom of the container. Do not reuse this container.

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