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ThinkFast supplement contains clinical proven ingredients to enhance brain performance and memory.  This product combines a wide range of botanicals and enzymes that may increase brain function.  CogninSA is a patented mix of Chinese Skullcap and Acacia heartwood and bark extract to increase memory speed and decision making.  Ginkgo is added to increase blood flow through out the body and brain.  Bacopin is a proprietary blend that has been used for centuries in China to enhance mental performance.  Theanine protects neurons, BioVinca (Vinpocetine) specifically increases blood flow to the brain increasing oxygen flow.  Gotu Kola, Rosemary and Soy lecithin are added because they contain co-factors important for overall metabolism to increase energy.  ThinkFast also contains Futurebiotic’s BioAccelerators that have been clinically demonstrated to enhance digestion, absorption and bioavailability in the gastrointestinal tract.  If you’re looking for a supplement that has everything you need to improve overall brain function, this is the one.


  • increase concentration & focus
  • support brain function and health


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User Opinions

ThinkFast is highly rated by consumers.  It gets between 4 and 5 stars consistently.

One consumer reports that he doesn’t start a day without it.  He reports no side effects, he thinks clearly and sleeps well.

Another consumer reports problems with concentration and memory for the past few years.  This consumer tried several products and found this one to work the best.  Results were seen within a two week period with hist memory, focus and concentration better than it was several years earlier.

A male consumer reports he doesn’t take this supplement anymore because it triggered migraine headaches within a few hours of taking it.  He believes it’s because this product contains Ginkgo biloba which he feels can trigger migraines.  Since Ginkgo causes blood vessels to dilate, this may be what triggers migraines.  What you need is something that does just the opposite, that is constrict blood vessels such as Imitrex or over-the-counter migraine pills.  He quotes Ginkgo documentation for side effects which says “none, except for the occasional headache for a sparse few”. This individual was later diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as well as migraine headaches and was prescribed Imitrex.


As a dietary supplement, take 2 ThinkFast capsules a day.  Best if taken with meals.


Do not use ThinkFast if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

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