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The Ultimate Guide to Brain Supplementation for Children

Children’s bodies and brains are developing and that requires a lot of energy and nutrients to keep their systems going. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get children to eat properly all the time. Many don’t seem to like vegetables which is a serious problem. Good nutrition is paramount to a child’s learning ability. Research demonstrates that a diet supplemented with a multivitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids (EFAs) such as DHA and EPA improves mental performance including concentration and focus as well as maintain high energy levels.

When looking for a child’s supplement keep in mind the form the supplement is in and any flavors that are available. Stay away from artificial flavors, sweeteners and colorings or supplements that contain possible allergens such as wheat and/or dairy products. If your child has trouble swallowing pills or is too young to take pills, consider liquids or powder supplements that can be added to drink or food. Today, they have a number of gummie types that are easy to chew and taste great. These gummies are not just for kids, they have them for adults as well.

Winner: Best Brain Supplement for Children

  • Appetite-by-Pediakid

    #1 Liquid Multivitamin and Minerals

    Liquid Multivitamin and Minerals by Pediakid makes it to number 1 position in our top ten children supplements. This supplement contains all the vitamins and minerals your child need for a developing body and brain. Moreover, it provides botanical extract that contain powerful antioxidants. This is a powerhouse of a supplement. Liquid multivitamin and mineral supplement was formulated to stimulate children's appetites, promote weight gain while boosting energy levels thereby promoting brain and body development. It contains 22 minerals and vitamins along with fruit and vegetable extracts providing for powerful antioxidants. It is flavored with natural raspberry concentrate.

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